Lipectomy (Body lifting)

These days, it seems like everyone wants to have a slim and fit body. Lipectomy is the most effective surgical treatment for those who have failed to control their weight and have accumulated fat.It is also a good option for women who have a weakened abdominal wall, stretched and loosened skin after giving birth. Liposuction can remove excess fat cells but what it cannot do is get rid of the excess loose skin. All the extra loose skin can only be removed by direct ablation to improve the firmness of the skin on the affected area. For example, the incision site of abdominal lipectomy is formed along the so-called bikini line, excessive fat and skin will be removed, pull the muscles and fascia of the abdominal wall, pull the skin together and suture it. At this time, the position of the navel is moved, and the shape of the navel is also processed. Although lipectomy has the disadvantage of having a large scar, it is the most effective procedure when it comes to total change in body shape, especially in the abdominal area. The incision area can be covered by underwear and can be improved a lot later through the management of scars such as lasers. Lipectomy can be applied not only to the abdomen but also to the back, waist, arms and hips, which is called body lifting.

1. Abdominal lipectomy

2. Arm lifting

: Long sutures are formed along the armpit and underarm lines.

3. Back lifting

: Long sutures are formed along the bra lines.

4. Thigh lifting

: Long sutures are formed along the groin and inner thigh lines.

5. Hip lifting

: Long sutures are formed along the dorsal underwear lines. Hip lifting is usually performed at the same time with abdominal lipectomy rather than alone. Another term for it is belt lipectomy.

6. Belt lipectomy

: This is a surgery to remove fat and skin not only the abdomen but also the entire waist line.

Possible reasons for undergoingbody lifting surgery

• Skin loses firmness and formation of saggy body parts due to inactivity bad diet

• Want to improve your abdomen fat and skin after giving birth and do not plan to give birth in the future

• A middle-aged man and woman who has excess fat and sagging skin due to lack of exercise and aging.

• Was obese in the past but successfully lost a lot of weight due to exercise and change in diet which in turn resulted in a lot of excess skin

Getting ready for body lifting surgery

Take note of all instructions before the surgery during the consultation. This includes information about smoking, medications taken, tickets, what to bring during the stay, length of stay after discharged, and fasting before surgery.

Below are some things to keep in mind to prepare for surgery and what to do during recovery.

• Smokers should quit smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Smoking increases the risk of side effects. When smoking, the chemicals in cigarettes act as free radicals and interfere with the postoperative recovery process. Long recovery periods can cause scars to form in large or strange shapes, cause inflammation due to poorly healed scars, and serious side effects that require removal of the implant. If you continue to smoke, your doctor may not proceed with the surgery.

• You should not drink alcohol one week before surgery.
• Do not consume any food or drink, including water, at least six hours before your surgery.

• Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications that can cause bleeding, and vitamins, fish oils, and herbal supplements that can cause swelling should be stopped two weeks before surgery.

After body lifting surgery

Surgery is usually performed over two to eight hours per surgery and done general anesthesia. After surgery, the patient recovers for about an hour under the observation of the anesthesiologist in the recovery room and then transferred to the room. Immediately after surgery, the angle of the bed will be adjusted so that the body will not be fully stretched out to prevent dehiscence of the sutures. Activities like going to the toilet or getting up and walking around will be supported by a nurse in charge.You will be discharged depending on hospital regulations and based on the surgery you have had.Please take note that pain may persist for two to three days. After a week of the surgery, follow up check-up will be done by your doctor for check for abnormalities, wound site dressing, changing of the bandage orremoving the stitches.You will be allowed to go back to your home if there are no abnormalities found. The swelling will gradually subside and disappear over 3-4 months.

• Avoid drinking and smoking for at least one month and get plenty of rest.

• Avoid walking with your back straight up for about 10 days

• Intense activities and sports should be avoided for at least one month

• A normal shower will be advised during the consultation depending on the scar recovery

Risks of body lifting surgery

Body lifting surgery includes risk below

• Bleeding and hematoma formation

• Fluid collection

• Inflammation

• Slow recovery of the incision site

• Dehiscence of the incision site

• Keloid or asymmetrical scar formation

• Temporary or permanent sensory changes

Q & A

Q: Not only the abdomen but also from the waist to the back skins are all sagging. Is it possible to remove them all at once? Or do I have to have aseparate the procedure?

A: Beltlipectomy can be done which can remove the excessive skin from the abdomen to the waist and back in one procedure. However, the recovery will relatively take a long time because of the long scars.

Q: I am a smoker. Do I have to quit smoking before surgery?

A: Yes. Smoking greatly increases recovery time and thus results in inflammation and more chances to contract infection especially onsurgeries with large incisions such as lipectomy or body lifting.

Q: Is it possible that I might do the same surgery again if I gain weight a lot after the surgery?

A: Surgery reduces the number of fat cells and it is impossible to increase the number of fat cells if they are removed already so the chances to do the same surgery again are very rare since the volume of the human body cannot be increased greatly even though you gain weight again. In cases ofsevere extreme weight gain,liposuction can considered.

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