About 70-80% of our body’s immunity is related to intestinal health. The large intestine is a major excretory organ of the human body.If there is inadequate intake of foods high in fiber problems in digestion may arise.Digested food that is low in fiber may accumulate on the intestinal wall and make it possible for bacteria and toxins to accumulate. Eating low-fiber foods can adversely affect your gut health and cause the following problems.

• Digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating, fever, indigestion, diarrhea, enteritis and bad breath

• Immune system disorders such as allergies, hives, asthma and joint pain

• Aging of the body, such as wrinkles and fatigue

• Psychiatric disorders such as stress, insomnia and anorexia

• Hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer

Detox therapy or colonic irrigation therapy is a procedure that is very useful for treating and preventing diseases. It is mainly used for the treatment of diseases caused by toxins in the human body such as constipation, bloating and difficulty in excretion, allergy or asthma, skin rash and rheumatoid arthritis.

Process of detox

Our Detox center uses our own FDA-approved systemwhich allows you to directly observe the excretion from the large intestine without any unpleasant smells or sounds. After consultation with your doctor you will be guided to a single room where privacy is guaranteed. A rubber tube will be inserted about 1 inch into the anus to allow warm water to flow slowly into the intestine. As you start feeling the urge to defecate, you can control the water flow and see the discharge coming out of your body. You will lie in bed comfortably and follow the instructions of a professional therapist for about 45 minutes.

• Use only water pressure to safely clean and using water approximately 25 liters containing herbal solution

• Clean as it used filter and UV light

• The closed air suction pipe is used to prevent unpleasant odors

• No complicated preparation or fasting required

After detox

You may have diarrhea, constipation, or bloating within 24 hours of detox therapy. However, thesesymptoms will disappear naturally. Diet of soft food that is not irritating to the stomach is suggested the day after treatment.Fiber supplements will be provided after the treatment to take home with you. Please take two capsules a day after breakfast and drink plenty of water.

Risks of detox

• Nausea and vomiting

• Dizziness, fever

• Abdominal distension

Q & A

Q: I have severe constipation. How often can I get treatment?

A: Patients without constipation can have detox once every 6 to 12 months to help improve their health. If you have some constipation, you can get treatment every three months for severe cases. Your doctor will guide you the treatment cycle on your consultation.

Q: Can I get detox with other hospital services? For example, after a plastic surgery?

A: You can go with most other departmental services, but if you have had a surgical operation, you can talk to your surgeon to determine when to have the detox treatment. If you want to treat detox when you are going to have surgery, we recommend that you do it before surgery.

Q: I think it’s a bit embarrassing to have enema.

A: The Detox Center provides complete privacy for each person. The center provides one room per one patient. We also have few double rooms for couples and familythose who want to have detox together.

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