Gluteal Implant

Gluteal Implant (Hip up and pelvis enlargement surgery)

The trend in plastic surgery normally has predominantlybeen focused onthe improvement of facial features or breast enlargement but in recent years interest in body shape plastic surgery has increased rapidly. Nowadays, there is a high demand for procedures that improve the shape and curvature of the hips.

Hip-up and pelvic enlargement surgery doesn’t just make your hips bigger but it also makes your legs look longer.This procedure greatly improves your body shape and proportions which in turn increases your confidence. Hospitals and doctors in Thailand have a lot of experience in providing surgeries and procedures for transgender people and a huge part of those procedures are focused on body reshaping. Having more a beautiful and attractive figure is a very common desire for a lot of men and women.

Types of implant for hip up and pelvis enlargement surgery

Asians tend to have smaller hips and pelvis than Westerners. So it looks flat and doesn’t look stylish enough with dresses, it’s a surgery in high demand not only for transsexuals and women but also for men as well. Because the implant will either be inserted under or between muscles only,itmust be a product that has been proven safe and should not be altered by gravity or gluteal maximal pressure as compare with breast implant.

Round type implant – By round type implant, not only greatly increases the size of the hips but also improves the elasticity of hip and makes your legs look longer.

Oval type implant – Overall hip line will be improved but pelvis area widening effect is not possible if round type implant is used. As it is impossible to insert the implant to pelvis directly since there are no supporting muscles on that area, theoval type implant will make up for those shortcomings.The inserting location is similar to that of the round type implant but doctor will position the direction of the implant toward the pelvis, allowing the muscles to move naturally so that the pelvis looks wider. So not only will you gain an improved hip line, a result you will get using round type implant, you will also gain the effectof larger pelvis area.

The size of the implant will be determined based on the patient’s height, weight, hip size, subcutaneous fat and muscle mass, and pelvis size.All of this information will be planned during consultation with the doctor.

Possible reasons to have gluteal implant surgery

• Limited fashion choices because of flat buttocks

• Legs looks short because of flat andsagged hips

• Poorly developed hip/not proportional to the rest of the body

• Had breast augmentation and want a more proportionate body shape

• Want to have firmer buttocks with long legs

• Job or lifestyle requires to be in front of the public or camera most of the time

• Have a hip or pelvic dip andwant to improve it

Getting ready for gluteal implant surgery

Take note of all instructions before the surgery during the consultation. This includes information about smoking, medications taken, tickets, what to bring during the stay, length of stay after discharged, and fasting before surgery.

Below are some things to keep in mind to prepare for surgery and what to do during recovery.

• Smokers should quit smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Smoking increases the risk of side effects. When smoking, the chemicals in cigarettes act as free radicals and interfere with the postoperative recovery process. Long recovery periods can cause scars to form in large or strange shapes, cause inflammation due to poorly healed scars, and serious side effects that require removal of the implant. If you continue to smoke, your doctor may not proceed with the surgery.

• You should not drink alcohol one week before surgery.
• Do not consume any food or drink, including water, at least six hours before your surgery.

• Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications that can cause bleeding, and vitamins, fish oils, and herbal supplements that can cause swelling should be stopped two weeks before surgery.

• Women who are on their period can proceed with the procedure.

Process of gluteal implant

1. An incision about 3 to 4 centimeters will be made atcoccyx area between both hips. Scar will not be noticed after enough time after the surgery.

2. Raise hip tissues and skin, exfoliate space and insert implant in correct space. (Under Gluteus maximus and gluteus maximus)

3. Suture the incision.

4. Secure the banding with a medical bandage.

After gluteal implant surgery

Surgery is usually performed about two hours through general anesthesia. After surgery, the patient recovers for about an hour under the observation of the anesthesiologist in the recovery room and then transferred to the room. Immediately after surgery, keep your face down but you can lie on your side or upright after a dayand activities like going to the toilet or getting up and walking around will be supported by a nurse in charge. You will be discharged after 3 days of the surgery and the pain may persist for two to three days. After a week of the surgery, follow check-up will be done by your doctor for abnormalities, dressing, change the bandage or remove the stitches then you can go back to your home if there is no abnormalities found. The swelling gradually subsides and disappears over 3-4 months.

• Avoid drinking and smoking for at least one month and get plenty of rest.

• Intensive activities should be avoided for at least one month though there is no problem of walking.

• Sexual intercourse can be done after 3~4 weeks after the surgery.

• A normal shower can be done after 2 weeks and swimming or bathing can be done after one month.

Risks of gluteal implant surgery

Gluteal implant surgery includes risk below

• Bleeding and hematoma formation

• Fluid collection

• Inflammation

• Slow recovery of the incision site

• Keloid or asymmetrical scar formation

• Temporary or permanent sensory changes

• Bilateral hip line asymmetry

• Temporary lower body numbness

Q & A

Q: Are there any restrictions on dancing or exercising after hipup or pelvic enlargement surgery?

A: No. Immediately after surgery, the muscles and tissues are injured and requires a sufficient recovery period. After that, there is no problem with exercising or dancing as usual.

Q: My hips are fine and I only want to enlarge my pelvis.

A: Pelvic enlargement by using oval type implant is also a hip up surgery basically then gives you plus effect which enlarge the pelvis area. It is impossible to enlarge the pelvis area only.

Q: How long should I stay in face down position? How long the pain exist?

A: You will be transported from your recovery room to the patient room in face down position right after your surgery. This does not mean that you have to keep that position all the time, you can lie down on your side or upright after a day. It is also possible to get up and walk or move if the patient wants. About pain, it lasts for 2 ~ 3 days after the surgery and then disappears slowly, and it takes about five days to walk that it looks normally though it is a bit slow, on average. During the recommended stay (usually seven days after discharge), most patients will have no problems walking or sitting.

Q: I want to make it very big. Can you do that?

A: The size of the implant are depends on the patient’s original physical condition. Forcing a large size can cause irritation, as well as unnatural lines. The size of the implant will be explained in detail for each patient at the time of consultation with doctor.

Q: Can I wear high heels after surgery?

A: No problem. However, wear comfortable shoes immediately after surgery and allow your muscles to relax somewhat after walking is natural and pain is gone.

Q: I’m concerning if I will do hip-up or pelvic enlargement surgery.  

A: The decision should be depends on the patient’s natural condition and the desired body shape after surgery, but the shoulder or upper body is big and pelvis area has curves, the round type implant will be sufficient ,for example. If you have a large shoulder and upper body, but have a small pelvis, a pelvic line has dips or a wants to have more curved body, you may go on with an oval implant. If you have a lot of fats on your under line of the hips, waist, abdomen, and thighs, it is recommended that to have liposuction at the same time as hip-up and pelvic enlargement effects may be insignificant.

Q: Will other people notice the implants if they touches my buttocks?

A: The gluteus maximus at the site where the implant is inserted is one of the largest muscles in the body and also the strongest. Since the implant is inserted under the gluteus maximus, it is difficult to sense it by touching the buttocks.

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