Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Various diseases associated with the lack of oxygen are very common nowadays. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a procedure that increases the oxygen circulating in the blood by supplying 100% pure oxygen in a compression chamber.

1. Child ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder)

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment provides more oxygen to the brain. It stimulates inactive brain cells to improve perception, behavior and learning. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment accompanied by the treatment of specialists such as pediatrics, child psychiatry, developmental teacher, speech therapist and nutritionist, you can get more effective results. It also helps to treat brain dysfunction, cerebral palsy, or epilepsy in children due to decreased oxygen levels during childbirth.

2. Migraine

Chronic migraine headaches usually occur as the cerebrovascular swells. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment stimulates blood vessels, increases oxygen pressure and lowers carbon dioxide pressure, thereby facilitating blood circulation in the cerebrovascular system.

3. Swelling treatment after plastic surgery

Patients who have undergone plastic surgery are worried about the swelling of the surgical site. The high pressure and high oxygen concentration while undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment causes blood vessels to contract and stimulates the resorption of plasma and secretions, reducing inflammation, pigmentation, swelling and pain, and promoting recovery, allowing the surgical site to regenerate faster.

4. Chronic Ulcers – Diabetic Ulcers

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment stimulates the formation of collagen and fibroblasts in the treatment of chronic ulcers, diabetic ulcers or in cases where recovery is slow, such as burns or wounds caused by radiation, to help rapid wound recovery and improve circulation. It is effective in relieving pain and enhances the effectiveness of treatment with antibiotics. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be followed by treatment by a physician, surgeon or physiotherapist.

5. Surgical wound

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment increases the amount of oxygen supplied to the tissue, allowing for faster healing. Highly enriched oxygen promotes blood vessels, providing blood, collagen, and fibrous cells to the wound, helping the wound heal faster.

6. Sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss must be treated and can lead to permanent disability if not treated properly. Reports have shown that 100% pure oxygen or hyperbaric oxygenation is also effective in treating sudden hearing loss. Promotes part of arterial blood pressure in the ear to maintain oxygen levels in the ear and stimulate blood flow to restore cells.In addition, 90% of patients with mild to severe hearing loss after hyperbaric oxygenation showed that symptom has improved and 40% of patients with otolaryngological treatment accompanied by hyperbaric oxygen treatment showed a normal hearing recovery.

7. Paralysis / Stroke

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment stimulates inactive brain cells to help recover. When a patient inhales 100% pure oxygen, the oxygen levels in the blood vessels increase immediately. This, in particular, promotes arterial wall cell repair, reducing plasma leakage and gradually reduce the swelling. As brain edema subsides, the blood supply to the area is smooth and blood vessels are newly formed. As brain cells get more oxygen and the symptoms slowly go away.Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an alternative medical treatment that can be helpful to medical, surgical and physiotherapists.

8. Exercise Injury

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can be performed in conjunction with orthopedic treatment for sprains, swelling, bruises, and motor injuries from muscle rupture to fractures.For patients with serious injuriessuch as muscle ruptures or fractures, hyperbaric oxygenation may be helpful as treatment to relieve sprains and swelling. It will speed up the recovery of fatigue and promote the recovery of muscle sprains and fractures.

Process of Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Prior to hyperbaric oxygen treatment, you will consult with your doctor to determine your goals, such as whether the treatment is suitable for your condition and how many treatments you need. Remove all jewelry and accessories before entering the hyperbaric oxygen treatment tank, change into a gown, and a hospital staff will help you put on an oxygen hood.
Follow the instructions by the staff, sit upright for about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how long the procedure is, and you can lay down or sleep after. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment takes about 1 to 2 hours.Children undergoing the treatment should be accompanied by a guardian.

Q & A

Q: Can I get hyperbaric oxygen treatment immediately after receiving dermatology treatment?

A: Yes, dermatology treatments usually cause red or rashes on the day due to irritation. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment immediately after dermatological treatment will help to soothe the rash and flush, and to help you recover more quickly.

Q: I have insomnia. Will hyperbaric oxygen treatment help me with insomnia?

A: Yes, insomnia is actually caused by stress, and it helps to relieve stress by supplying large amounts of oxygen to the brain through hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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