TitleYanhee International Hospital filming cooperation for movie "Edhi & Alice"2022-02-09 15:35:04
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Filming of the movie "Edhi & Alice" from Korean movie production Yeonboonhongchima was processed in Yanhee International Hospital through mid-January to early February.

They took a every step of the processess for MTF SRS surgery from preparations, admission, surgery, discharge and recovery of actual patient, and will be releases after more shots of the recovery processes in Korea.  ​

Surgery was very successful under the great performance of Dr. Worapon Ratanalert, the patient went back to Korea and taking good care of the surgical area under our management instructions.

The movie "Edhi & Alice" were filmed under our strict disinfection guidelines of Covid-19, we sincerely thank you for director il-rhan Kim, assistant director O-yeon Kwon, DOP Chul-nyeong Heo, DOP Se-byeol Jeong, PD Sona Jo and every staff of Yeonboonhongchima movie production.

But most of all, special thanks to Edhi who is the protagonist of the movie also was our valuable patient of this time.

On behalf of all staff of Yanhee International Hospital, we wish Edhi's beautiful life in future and prosperity of Yeonboonhongchima movie production.

Thank you.


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