progress steps

+ Preparation before departing

– booking& flight ticket

1. Once the appointment is scheduled after sufficient consultation, purchase the flight ticket based on the date of operation and recommended length of stay in Thailand.

2. Please check the validity period of your passport before purchasing the ticket. (passportshould have more than 6 months left on validity)

3. After booking your flight, please send us itinerary via email or chat.

4. If it is your first time to travel to overseas or you have trouble booking a flight, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you through the process.

– Packing

1. Always pay attention to your passport, avoid losing it.

2. Prepare enough cash, you can have it exchanged before you come or it is also good to exchange in Thailand.

3. Although Thailand is hot country, most of the indoor places have an air conditioner so it is recommended to bring a set of warm clothes with long sleeves just in case you might need it.

4. The electronic voltages are both 110 V and 220 V.

5. Don’t forget to bring things to entertain you during your flight and hospital stay like books, laptop or any electric gaming device.

6. During your admission the meals available are Thai, American, and Japanese inspired meals. You have a choice of what you want to eat each meal.

– Use cash

After your stay in the hospital, you may need to stay in Thailand for up to 2 weeks depending on doctor’s orders. During the hospital stay, please have cash in hand just in case you want to buy extra food or snacks and for your transportation from the hospital to the hotel.

– Extra expenses

1. Pain free system (optional choice depend on your surgery type): 2400 THB

2. Hotel (per night): depend on hotel

3. Taxi fare: flag down rateis 35THB

4. Etc: follow-up checkupis 250 THB, the rest is for food and other personal expenses.

+ Departure and Arrival

– At the airport

1. You should arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure.

2. Once you arrive at the airport, proceed to the check-in counter with your passport and itinerary.

3. Except the on board baggage, you can check in your baggage at the check-in counter according to the baggage allowance of each airline.

Ex: (Cabin baggage: below size 55X40X20cm, below 12 kg)

       (Checked-in baggage: below 20kg)

      * Prohibited items on board: Highly combustible goods, like lighter, bond etc

                                                           Dangerous goods, like weapons, knife or sharp goods

                                                           Over 100ml liquids and etc

4. Once you have completed your check-in, you will be given instructions about flight time, boarding location, seat number with passport and boarding pass.

5. If you want to have internet service on your phone while you are abroad, inquire ahead of time from your service provider about international roaming.

6. Go to the departure hall, show your passport and boarding pass to the security officer for security screening. After this, you need to place all the carry-on items include everything in your pocket for x-ray scan.

7. You will complete the departure process after the x-ray scan.

8. You should be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before departure. You can enjoy some duty-free shopping if you have enough time.

9. Wait at the boarding gate and when the boarding begins, follow the instructions by the cabin crew for safety.


– At the Suvarnabhumi airport in Thailand

1. After landing, go to the immigration desk by following the signs.

2. At the passport control, line up by the red neon sign that shows “Foreign Passport”. When your turn comes, submit your  passport.

3. After the arrival screening, follow the sign for baggage claim, check the flight name on the monitor then wait in front of the belt and pick up your luggage.

4. Pick up your luggage and pass through customs.

5. Go all the way to the right side, and come to the revolving door exit 3. A hospital staff will be waiting for you with your name on a white board.